Engineering Giants

Now then! Do you like your science big, industrial and – preferably – loud?  Then you’re going to love this: a new BBC series, Engineering Giants, produced by my friend Lindsay Keith. Lindsay’s a scientist-turned-TV producer – she worked at the BBC for a long while, and she went on to direct Brainiac.

Engineering Giants follows teams of mechanics as they dismantle mechanical superstructures. The series starts with Jumbo Jet Strip Down, in which a Boeing 747 is painstakingly taken apart, piece-by-piece, before being fully reassembled and released to fly once more. And Engineering Giants is way more than just a tech-heads gawp-fest: by showing us the innards of these megamachines, we’ll be able to get a much better picture of how they actually work.

The series starts on Sunday 15th July, at 8 pm on BBC2. You can follow Lindsay’s work on Twitter at @RefineryTV.

2 responses to “Engineering Giants

  1. Hi Margaret, we haven’t been told specially if there are plans to release this on DVD or not, but please drop me a line; L

  2. Will the BBC produce DVDs of this series? My elderly Dad who remembers Heathrow as a farm, was in REME during the war and loves to see how things work would love to see the internal workings of the jumbo and the maintenance procedures but he doesn’t have internet access for iplayer and it was screened far to late at night for him.

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