How should we represent women in STEM? A manifesto for scicommers

Last May I hosted a session at the British Science Association’s Science Communication Conference 2014. The theme of the session was how we, as science communicators, can best represent women in STEM. We can all think of bad examples, but what should we be doing instead? Together, our panel and delegates came up with some ideas.  Here’s a summary of the best of them: A manifesto for bringing women out of the shadows

A hospital pathologist

Resveratrol – Magic molecule or drunken hype?

Is resveratol – that so-called wonder molecule of red wine and bitter chocolate – really deserving of such adulation? 

Drinking red wine

Hybrid cars – behold the mighty flywheel

Batteries, schmatteries. The flywheel’s the thing that may make the electric car the king. (Look, I’m tired. At least it rhymes.)

Can flywheel tech drive out the battery?

Flybrid flywheel




Gravity, Hollywood and Kessler Syndrome

Would a space junk apocalypse look like the film Gravity? I asked the man who gave his name to the “cascading collisons” theory – Don Kessler. Bloody nice bloke.

scene from gravity

Ye Olde Halloween Apothecarie (or something)

You’ve probably taken Travel Calms last time you took the ferry to France. You probably took the correct dose, because you’re sensible. If you;d overdone it, you might have experienced a rather more exciting form of transport. Is this travel sickenss drug behind the myth of the witch’s broomstick?

A Halloween witch flies across the face of the moon

I Am An Engineer!

Well, I’m not. But lots of people are, and we don’t hear enough from them. Engineers, enough of the reticence – are you going to let scientists take ALL the attention? Are you an engineer? Then don’t be shy about it.

Is this an engineer or a mechanic? Hmmm...